The Tiny Bloom | Floral Design


(Pronounced grey-uh)

Our fearless leader and #girlboss! In addition to her eye for design, her experience working in the nursery and farming industry gives her unique insight into the path a flower takes before it ends up in your arrangement.

Prior to her design life, she obtained a degree in color theory and composition. Dabbling in multiple mediums, Grella is happiest when creating something beautiful. Her favorite flower is the Poppy, a bloom native to her home state of California. In addition to all things flowers, she loves iced tea, a good podcast, and running around with her two dogs Willow & Frida.

Danny Bio


Flower Apprentice
As a seedling, sound and color drew most of their fascination and attention. It started off with a simple obsession with creating aesthetically pleasing visuals and sounds. But of course, one is never done learning new art forms. Flowers opened a whole new world of creativity. Prior to her floral life, Danny worked in various creative jobs and projects including designing interior spaces in a small furniture shop to making and selling handmade baked goods. Their favorite flower is the peony. They love music, sci-fi and dogs.


Jack of All Trades
Jared helps in multiple capacities. He designed this website. He helps teach classes and he makes sure everyone always has a smile on his face with his terrible jokes and lame puns. He was raised in Vegas but moved to California after college. It was in San Francisco that he met Grella and the rest, as they say, is history. Trained in anthropology, Jared enjoys working with people and learning the stories behind the people that interact with the Tiny Bloom. Jared is a voracious reader, loves making linocut art, and stand up comedy. His favorite flower is the pincushion protea.